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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A tip and some other swap updates

Knife sharpner used to sharpen and smooth rotary blades

Tonight I got fed up with my rotary blade and decided to try and sharpen it with my knife sharpener. Very carefully I took the blade off the holder and passed it through the sharpener turning several times so each surface made it through at least once. The damage I did to it by running it into my ruler a couple times was gone and the blade was sharper than ever.... So if you want to try to revive an old dull blade, this just might work for you!

Super Style Bag Swap finished!

I finished my bag for Sew Mama Sew's Super Style Bag Swap. My partner received her bag last week so I'm now able to post pictures I took before I shipped it off to her.

Super Style Bag Swap finished!

Super Style Bag Swap finished!

Super Style Bag Swap finished!

Little Marisol easily fits inside the roomy centre. We could have fit my 2 year old son in there too but he wasn't keen on getting in there with her.
Super Style Bag Swap finished!

It is a seriously roomy bag.

Super Style Bag Swap finished!

Button closure
Super Style Bag Swap finished!

Finished bag!

The cosmo bag pattern was easy to make and I will definitely make it again. I think the most expensive part of this project was the cost of the woven interfacing. But it is definitely worth the price and the bag stands on its own because of the stability it provides. I think you need something like 6 meters for this bag alone.

The only thing I did not like about the pattern itself was that it was lacking a cutting layout guide. Everything is well written but the whole process gets wordy. A simple diagram would make the cutting process go much faster. I also made freezer paper pattern pieces for the ones only given as dimensions so when I make this bag again, it will go much faster. I also made duplicates of the handles since there is so many to cut from the print fabric and you won't waste as much fabric if you cut them all at the same time using two pattern pieces.

HOHOHO Swap ornament

I also finished my ornament for GenX's HOHOHO Swap. I did the embroidery on my machine then I added ruffles to the sides. It doubles as a holiday pincushion. I hope my partner enjoys it!

HOHOHO fat quarter swap fabric that arrived today!

And I received two of the fat quarters from the swap as well. Aren't they super SUPER cute prints?


SandyQuilts said...

I use a Rotary Blade Sharpener to get more life out of my blades. Had it for a very long time ... 8yrs maybe.

jgirl said...

love the bag and cute little Mari tucked inside! Great stuff as always Trina! ;0)

free indeed said...

Great tip! Thanks. I have a sharpener similar to that so I will give it a try...blades are so nessessary, so finding a way for them to live a little longer is a good idea.
Love your handbag too esp that little cutie!

orchidlover said...

Great makes. I love the bag

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Michelle said...

I'd probably need stitches if I tried that, but maybe I can talk my husband into doing it for me. I've been using one of those blue ring sharpeners, but maybe the knife sharpener would work better...

Your bag is gorgeous!