Thursday, August 30, 2018

The Collection Quilt

I finally finished the last block of my Collection Quilt and pieced the top together. At 40.5x51.5" it's a small quilt. I think I'll take some more time and add some appliqué borders to make it large enough for a lap quilt.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Heart Tattoo Paper-Piecing Pattern

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Here's my version of @happySEWlucky's Heart Tattoo Paper-Piecing Pattern. It took under an hour to make the 6" Block including the small amount of hand embroidery I added. Visit her Etsy to purchase the downloadable pattern (CA$5.00).

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Machine Embroidery with Wonderfil Metallics

Machine Embroidery by Nizhoni Workshop
I was so excited to try Wonderfil's metallic threads. I've done metallic thread embroidery in the past with mixed results. Above, the gold thread is Wonderfil's Hologram thread.  This was my first stitch out which I sewed into a super cute pouch. I absolutely love how this thread sparkles like confetti.
Machine Embroidery by Nizhoni Workshop
The black and silver sample above was made using silver Wonderfil Spotlite Metallic Thread. This is absolutely my new favourite metallic thread. It is so fine and my machine absolutely loves it.!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Quiltcon Part ONE!

This is part one of my Quiltcon experience in Austin, Texas in February 2015. I had such an amazing time, which was only amplified by the presence of  so many of my fellow Calgary Modern Quilt Guild friends who made the journey with me.

Arriving at my gate for departure, look who I found on my flight! Cheryl and my quilt wife Kathryn...

We even had a little fun on our layover in Houston...

As many of you know there was a huge lanyard swap on instagram for those attending, Dianne wasn't able to join in so I decided to make a special Kaffe edition for her.

The first night of our arrival I had been out until 230am and had a massive hangover, the first of many. Dianne was my caretaker and met me with coffee, a spot in the registration line and a banana! We rushed over to the hall where the Awards were going to be announced. As you can see, it was a huge hall and all along the walls were the MQG Charity quilts on display.

The first category announced was Applique and I was absolutely shocked to find out my Anniversary Quilt won first place!

Here's "Vanna" with my quilt in the main hall...
Anniversary Quilt by Katrina Hertzer, Nizhoni Workshop, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

After the ceremony we decided to go see what was in the market before all of the good stuff disappeared. My favourite booth was Bunny's Designs, an Austin-based etsy/part-time retail quilt shop. She really had a fabulous selection and I wasted no time gathering what I could.

And right by the checkout was none other than the godmother of modern quilt design, Yoshiko Yinjenzi. I was beyond excited to meet her and have my books, patterns and fabric autographed. She's such a delight!


Look who we ran into before lunch! Susan and Phillipa.

Some of the day's purchases as well as items from the official Quiltcon goodie bag.

Later that afternoon we attended Celina Mancurti's fabric printing workshop. If you ever have the chance to attend her workshop, I recommend it! She's a thoughtful teacher and we all really had a great time.

After orientation, we jumped right in and started printing! I loved how simple the process was but was surprised how physically demanding it was. I'm sure it was exaggerated by my hangover but anyway, it was a very fun class.
 A small sampling of the prints I made in class.

No rest for the weary, after class it was time for dinner

After a quick bite, I met up with the girls and we decided that a pedicab was the best way to get to the Moda Party. Our driver had a little too much fun driving us there.

I'm still not sure how all three of us fit in the back!

Arrived to the party and getting our first drinks. LOOK there's Cheryl!

I was soooo excited to meet up with Sandi (A Crafty Planner) of San Diego Modern Quilt Guild and a really good instagram friend! She also has a podcast, if you have the chance, PLEASE LISTEN. I adore her program, plus there's a clip of Beastie Boys' She's Crafty at the beginning. This is my girl!

And the sweetest time chatting with Jo Avery (My Bearpaw). I had won a pincushion she had made like 8 years previous, which I was able to thank her for personally.

Also at the party was quilty crush Luke Haynes. Becca was so excited to meet him and have a chat while we were at the party.

The Calgary Modern Quilt Guild literally closed the Moda Party and we headed a few doors over to another little bar. I literally thought it was a converted mobile home but later found out it was a converted train car. CLOSE! lol. Close to 2am we decided it might be time to head home.

Good night Austin!!!!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Mini Sew Together Bag

I happened to see a blog post about Quiltcon earlier this week by which was really an interesting read. Her next blog post was about a mini sewtogether bag she made. Super cute right? Go to her blog and download the worksheet here:

You will still need to buy the actual Sew Together Pattern from Sew Demented, only the formula for the dimensions is given.
I absolutely love this size bag and it was so fast and easy to make! It only has two pockets inside but is still fully functional!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Teacher Christmas Gifts

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A friend of mine in our guild showed me the most beautiful bags she had made for her family for Christmas. She used a pattern from In Color Order blog, which also has a free tutorial which I used to make my bags.  It is a very simple pattern to follow with excellent instructions and photos. I added a layer or fusible fleece to the main print of the bag so the bag would stand up on its own when not filled. I am really pleased with the results.

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Of course I had to use some super cute Tula Pink fabric for the bags. I also made myself a bag from my precious Parisville fabric with a splash of Moonshine.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Just listed in my etsy shop!

If you are looking for small cuts of Nightshade by Tula Pink Coven print in all three colour ways, I now have them listed in my etsy shop!
Tula Pink Nightshade Coven Fabric for sale by etsy Nizhoni Workshop