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Monday, February 25, 2013

Garden Geometry

Garden Geometry

I was so lucky to win a quilt kit from Melissa's 100 billion stars blog last month! She sent me all the fabrics to complete her mini quilt "Garden Geometry"! In addition to the prize she said I would also be receiving a few half yards of Parson Grey's Seven Wonders fabric line!

Once the quilt kit arrived I quickly started piecing the squares. But I realized that I really liked the idea of making this into a larger quilt....

Garden Geometry Quilt

and next some quilting...

straight line #quilting

Once I am done I will share some photos!

Last week a box with the rest of my prize arrived!!!!

Look what I won!!! winner!

Not just a couple half yards, but the WHOLE Seven Wonders Fat Quarter Set!!! OMG!!!!

1 comment:

Melissa P said...

Katrina!! I love what you've done! Shifting the block by one quarter makes another interesting bit of movement. Great work!