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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fat Quarterly Quilt Along

I finished the quilt top for the Fat Quarterly Quilt Along. Instead of having the blocks line up with the small blocks side by side, I rotated them so piecing for me was easier. I'm toting my 8 month old and 23 month old to the sewing show this friday here in Calgary, so hopefully we will find some backing fabric or add a border to it. Still not sure. I think I'd like to make it a tad bigger so I might add some borders.

Quilt top finished!

P.S. This quilt top used only ONE Jelly Roll to make. My sister bought me this one from Walmart one easter and I still had lots more fabric left over, I could easily make a couple matching pillow tops. I'm not sure if they still have this particular batik roll, I think it was about 19.99, there are varying weights in the fabrics but it didn't make a difference when I was doing the patchwork. All in all, fun to work with!

Last night I decided Marisol needed a new cover for the baby bjorn. I bookmarked Jenny Garland's Carrier Cover Tutorial, which is reversible. She has other cute tutorials on her blog and pictures of the finished items on her Flickr group. I used a super cute japanese reindeer print I ordered and had shipped from Japan. The online store was closing so I'm not sure if it still exsists so I won't post the link. I bought this knowing I wanted to use it for her so this project was perfect! I did the same print on both sides since I don't have any coordinating prints of the same weight right now. Also, we need this quickly since she's going to be hanging out in it at the sewing show Friday! yay!

Baby Bjorn Cover

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Lisa Marie said...

Love the Quilt! Simply gorgeous colors in it! Thanks for stopping by my blog too, I LOVE meeting fellow quilters, and from Alberta too!