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Friday, April 4, 2014

Sew Together Bag Maddness

If you haven't already made a Sew Together Bag, you really should try it! Personally I wasn't interested in making one until I saw my friend Mandy's Nightshade version and had to make one myself!

I only used one cameo on the whole bag and added my machine embroidered name to the backside.

And then I thought wow, how fun would those typewriters be on the side? So I made another...
 And I made a southwestern print with black applique for my mom's easter basket.

An inside look at all the zipper pockets!

The pattern was purchased on and I highly recommend it!


jeifner said...

They look wonderful. I like the cameo as well. Didn't realize the typewriters and feathers would be so fabulous together. I've heard some people say it is quite a tricky one to our together from the pattern, what was your experience?

Katrina said...

thank you! well most of the directions are from following the written directions which are kind of paragraph style. so long as you make it through one, you will understand the process. after that it's just fun!