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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Love Nest Quilt Contest Entry

Quilt for my nephew

I made this quilt especially for my Nephew Cristian this past December. The pattern and inspiration is from the book Last Minute Patchwork and Gifts. A truly beautiful book with great photos and ideas. When I first saw this I knew it would be perfect for my nephew, not too "quilty" but definitely masculine. It's difficult to find that balance for a seventeen year-old :)

Quilt for my nephew

The actual cutting and piecing of the top of the quilt was done in one full day. I also have two young children (two and one) and this was easy enough to do with them hanging on my coat tails. The trickiest part of this whole quilt is to keep the lines of quilt straight. I found marking the top with a chalk pen save a lot of time and helped guide my walking foot. Marking the lines for quilting took a day.

Quilt for my nephew

I used an espresso color quilting thread from Connecting Threads and was very happy with the results. Not one issue with the thread at all. Quilting was a two day process with lots of breaks. As you can imagine, 135 or so lines to quilt is a bit much to do in one day. I love the fabric I chose for the back, I think it compliments the brown perfectly!

The fabric requirements listed in the book were very accurate and I even only used scraps from my scrap bin to make the patchy look on top. I would recommend this quilt to anyone, it was a delight to make.

Please visit Gen X Quilters' website for more details on the Love Nest Quilt Contest.


AnneMarie said...

Hi Katrina! Boy, that was a tough job to do a quilt for a 17 yr. old...great job!

Thanks for entering it in the Love Nest Quilt Contest and best of luck!

AnneMarie @ Gen X Quilters

CityHouseStudio said...

I love it! The straight line quilting is amazing -- you did a beautiful job.

Kristie said...

I love this for its simplicity. The small amount of piecing completely meets your goal of masculinity and sets off all the awesome quilting. The little squares look like a it! Great job!

Kristie said...

p.s. just noticing you are a fellow Canuck-I am from Winnipeg :)

Angie @ CraftedAngles said...

I really like this quilt. It is perfect for a teenage boy. I will have to check out this pattern. Thanks for sharing. :)

Angie -

Deborah Roccanova said...

Happened upon this site by a friend who quilts.
I love your nephew quilt..have struggled for years to come up with something masculine and quilted.
Love the colors and lines.
Great job...very very cool.

sewhappynky said...

The quilt is beautiful. Everything about is perfect, the colors, execution of the quilting. Great job.